Filip Šir, project manager of New Phonograph, will be presenting the newly-launched project at this year’s IASA international conference in Accra, Ghana, on the 3rd October 2018. This conference serves as one of the most anticipated annual events in the audiovisual archiving world, connecting hundreds of members from across every continent.

As a first official introduction to the world stage, this will be an opportunity to receive feedback from the upper echelons of the preservation world. Experts from leading institutions such as the British Library, Indiana University and the Library of Congress will be attending and presenting findings from all manner of technical, legal, ethical and logistical concerns related to preservation and archiving.

Alongside this unveiling of New Phonograph, Mr. Šir, who has served as head of IASA’s Discography committee for the past three years, will also be presenting the results of the committee’s recent work, re-emphasising the importance of discographies and exploring their place in the world of archiving. Furthermore, his colleague Petr Ferenc, audio curator at the Czech Museum of Music, will show to the audience a new approach to compiling evidence from the many 10-inch records held in the Museum’s collection, where digitised images of the objects are sent to cataloguers to drastically reduce costs and increase the rate of throughput to a level not before seen within the National Museum.

Over the course of these four days, we look forward to hearing the latest developments from all manner of institution, large or small, from new projects to old and at every level of technical complexity. The IASA annual conference continues to preside as a key event in any audiovisual specialists’ calendar. It is both exciting and encouraging to have been invited to take part in this conference and present New Phonograph to such a distinguished audience whom we can interact with, learn from, and garner ideas for improvements to our project over the coming years.