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Gabriel Gossel is originally a chemist by profession. He also performed professional translations of technical texts. However, he is interested mainly in the history of sound recordings (mainly in the Czech lands) and has collected a large collection of shellac gramophone records with historically interesting recordings. He has long been involved in educational activities and publishing. In 1999-2006 he presented a weekly program on the Czech Radio 2 Station Prague called Fonogram GG, in which he presented sound portraits of performers from the area of predominantly popular music of the past. For CRo Praha and ČRo Brno he has prepared a series of multi-part musical profiles of Czech composers and performers of popular music of the past (eg Karel Hašler, Jindřich Mošna, František Kmoch, Oldřich Nový, Kamil Běhounek, Jára Pospíšil, Alfons Jindra, Eduard Ingriš, RA Dvorský, Jaroslav Ježek, Marie Ziegler).

His editorial texts on this subject were published in various periodicals (Radio Week, Audio-Video, Generation, Vlasta). He also publishes articles on the history of sound recording in Czech lands in foreign professional collectors’ journals (Fox auf 78, München, Der Schalltrichter, Stuttgart, For the Record, London) and contributes to various discographies (Rainer Lotz Verlag, Bonn). He is a member of the City of London’s Phonograph and Gramophone Society and Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Wien.

He also deals with transcriptions of old audio recordings on modern media. Edith Fonogram, which he prepared for the publishing house Fr. Rychtříka and Radioservis, a. S., amounted to about five dozen compact discs dedicated to recordings of forgotten Czech and foreign stars of popular music of the past. He has also produced a number of compact discs for the Jewish Museum in Prague, Supraphon, etc., the Jan Kubelík Society and the Antonín Dvořák Memorial (here).

He is the author of the Comet Come Beat Me, which at the turn of 2003-2004 was organized by Gallery in the Prague Hall of Mánes. Against the backdrop of contemporary artworks related to the lifestyle change caused by the ability to record and reproduce sound, he introduced historical phonographs, gramophones and other objects from his collections.

In recent years, he has been working, among other things, on the reconstruction of the general catalog of recordings of Czech artists on sound recordings and records of various producers from 1900-1946. Since 2012, he is the producer of the series of History written by Shellak, which he prepares for the e-shop of the music publishing house Supraphon, a. s. ( At this time, he co-founded with Filip Šír, and they publish together, striving to uncover the map of our sound cultural heritage.