Mgr. Přemysl Hnilička is a theater researcher, radio publicist and founder of the Panáček v říši mluveného slova webpage. He works at the Masaryk University Campus Library.

After graduation from the Secondary School of Information and Library Services in Brno, he studied theatrology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno. During his studies, he worked in acting at the theatre ensemble Kočkodani, at the student theater association TheAtrum Cmundi, and also worked as artistic director and dramaturgist at the Čára Theater in Brno. Currently, he is a member of the theater ensemble Prkno.

In the years 2007-2009, he organized cycles of listening and commented lectures on radio plays in the Brno department of the Jewish Museum.

He contributed to the magazine Naše rodina. He writes reviews and articles for the magazine Týdeník Rozhlas and for the website. He has been cooperating with Radioservis publishing for a long time.

He has been cooperating also with Czech Radio on many different radio broadcasts, which mainly aimed at memories of Czech actors and writers and their short biographies.

He lectures on the history of Czech radio plays and productions in Prague, Brno and Olomouc. On behalf of the Czech Republic, he spoke at the International Professional Seminar for Radio Production on the topic of Classical Drama and Classical Literature on Public Radio.


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