The Slovak magazine IT Lib published an article on the New Phonograph project in the first issue of 2019. The article written in slovak by Dominika Moravčíková and can be read here.

This article sums up the goals, challenges, achievements, and experience of the project New Phonograph, which preserves the nation’s historical audio, as it has evolved since the beginning of 2018. The main objective of this project is to develop, test and implement appropriate procedures to address the complex issues of long-term protection and access to audio stored on historical media – in line with international standards, practice and on the basis of existing research results in the field. This article examines the complex issues that accompany this objective, such as setting up an appropriate workflow of preservation and digitization that is time-efficient while, at the same time, being considerate of the special treatment which must be given to old and fragile sound documents. Another major issue is represented by the structure of the digitized content, where the balance of tracking the physical carrier and processing the intellectual content must be achieved in order to deliver high-quality preservation and access packages.

The article will also introduce the personalized four pillars of digitization (where each member of the work team is specialized in one pillar, or aspect, of the workflow) and experience drawn from abroad – conferences, lectures, and workshops.