Helena Novotná is the solver of partial tasks across the outcomes in the form of expert texts. In addition, she is involved in coordinating a lecture team for subjects taught at the Department of Information and Library Studies of Masaryk University (KISK). She has been active since 2014 in the field of audio document protection. Both of her qualifications have been concerned with this issue. Her bachelor thesis focused on the practical realization of the research of audio documents in the memory institutions. An important part of her masters diploma thesis, defended at KISK in 2018, is a model solution for the long-term preservation of mechanical types of audio documents. In the past, Helena Novotná presented the issue of the protection of audio documents at conferences in the Czech environment. The conference was organized by the International Association of Sound Archives in Paris in 2015 and in Washington, DC, in 2016. Here, she presented a poster comparing surveys of audio documents made in the Czech Republic with surveys from the project Save Our Sounds from the British Library.