From 1994-2014 Iva Horová was the director of the AMU Library in Prague. She has been systematically devoted to the implementation of new information technologies, the introduction of standards and the issue of digitization and access to primary documents. She has led a number of projects in this area. She also taught externally at Charles University. She participated in the creation of a national metadata description methodology for special types of documents (printed music, audio, video, films), in solving issues of access to higher education qualifications and in providing metadata descriptions and access to non-text works.

Since 2014, she has been intensively engaged in the issue of documentation, description, protection, digitization and access to sound documents. With Filip Šír, she strives to establish the necessary conditions and coordination at a national level. She is also a co-author of the Draft Concept for the Preservation, Digitization and Accessibility of Sound Documents in the Czech Republic. She is involved in educational activities, participates in the management of seminars and workshops in the Czech Republic, presents and publishes on this topic both in the Czech Republic and abroad. She is an individual member of the International Association of Sound Archives, participated in annual conferences in 2015 Paris, 2016 in Washington D.C. and 2017 in Berlin – at the last two she presented current issues of this topic in the Czech Republic.

She is currently working at the National Technical Library, where she is now involved, among other things, in the project of building the Virtual National Phonotheque.

In the New Phonograph project, Iva is a professional guarantor for the field of metadata description of audio media and their accessibility and a consultant for their musicological qualification.